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OUT on Deutsche Grammophon

First collaboration between the Franco-Swiss pianist composer Vivian Roost and the prestigious classical label Deutsche Grammophon for their PROJECT XII 2020. For the second year, Deutsche Grammophon presents new works by innovative and creative contemporary musicians. On “XII” they offer beyond narrow genre boundaries a reflection of the diversity of today’s classical music. The project also reflects the commitment of the yellow label to the new repertoire.

This version of Gymnopedie N°2 by the french composer Erik Satie is a completely reimagined version by the Franco-Swiss composer Vivian Roost. While consciously respecting the original score, Vivian wanted to bring a new vision of the work by adding new sonorities such as a more aerial sound of the piano, harmonium notes with a triplet rhythm that reinforces the dance-like feeling as the name «Gymnopedie» indicates, and subtle string’s counter melodies giving a dreamy atmosphere to the piece.

« I have always had a great admiration and attraction for Erik Satie’s music and particularly for Gymnopedie. It was during the quarantine that the idea of a « Rework » of the Gymnopedies was born. Time seemed suspended, the same way it is when listening to Erik Satie’s work. »

Gymnopedie N°2 - Rework takes us on a journey without destination, without limits.

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