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Video clip of Gymnopedie N2 -Vivian Roost Rework

Updated: Sep 9, 2020


Two characters (woman & man) are isolated in a circle, representing the lockdown period of 2020. While the pianist is the narrator of the story, his music moves and inspires the dancers through their solitude, anger and desperation. In the end, the music is the key to their freedom as they come together on the beach. The editing and shooting suggests the two characters are close, even together but in fact are never shown in the same frame until the end when they are finally reunited. 

The pianist, performed by Vivian Roost on a very old upright Pleyel piano, narrates the story by representing the music (and the composer Erik Satie). The sea is a low-key tribute to Erik Satie, who was born in Honfleur (seaside town, France) and also pictures the need to escape from reality, the dreamlike scenery it offers, as it can be peaceful or tormented, just like life. Waves and foam reminds the strings of the track in their slow back and forth movement. 

All shooting locations are in France.

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