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Welcome to my web site !

I am so excited to share my music  with you !
For several years now I have worked on my debut album and now the dream come true !

Niemand is the first instrumental song, part of my up coming album, that i wrote many years ago for an american documentary film called "Burning man, Voyage in Utopia" by Laurent Le Gall, it turned out to be the starting point of  my project. I figured I love writing instrumental music inspired by my personnal feelings and built around the piano, my chosen and favorite instrument  in life.

A special piano version of Niemand that  I made for you, during my recordings and is now available as a free download. Enjoy !


                                                                                                          Stay tuned...

Vivian Roost 20.11.2012
Vivian Roost 05.01.2013


8 PM, in a incredible place in Paris, the film director Nacer Maash and his team shot my first movie clip for my first single NIEMAND.

It's the album version with orchestral strings and electronic sound. 



Vivian Roost 04.02.2013


Now two weeks passed and we still worked hard on the movie clip. Good news we have almost finished ! 

I hope you will love it !    

Stay tuned ....



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