Somewhere between minimalism and post-classical movement, inspired by Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Philip Glass and Michael Nyman, Vivian Roost is a Franco-Swiss international classical training pianist, composer and producer. 


Vivian Roost has taken part over more than 10 years in several audiovisual, theater projects and has composed for many artists. He is one of the songwriters behind the biggest selling French artist of 2010, ZAZ, who scored a double diamond record in France and sold over 3,4 million copies worldwide...

Vivian Roost

Vivian Roost

Vivian Roost - Colours (New single out) Teaser

Vivian Roost - Crépuscule (Official video)

Crépuscule Video Clip Teaser (Piano day exclusive)

Gymnopédie Rework No.3 - Vivian Roost Rework (Teaser)